Dutch powerhouse to visit Oman

The Oman Football Association are pleased to announce that they will be welcoming representatives from the Dutch side Feyenoord to Oman at the end of the month. 

The Dutch side are in partnership with Orange Sports Forum (www.orangesportsforum.nl) who work closely with the Dutch government to try and close partnerships with sport-federations and institutes in emerging markets concerning all sports-related themes as training, coaching, knowledge-transfer, stadium-management and development, talent-scouting etc. Key-sports are those were Holland plays an important and leading role as football, swimming, equestrian, ice-skating and field-hockey.  Feyenoord has the best youth development system in The Netherlands, and has been awarded as such three times in a row now by The Royal Dutch Football federation, whilst OSF works in Oman on a exclusive basis together with Walnut under direction of Hritik Khimji (www.walnutsportsmedia.com)

The OFA hosted Italy in November 2012 as part of a relationship agreed with Lega Pro (and the Olympic team travel to Italy next month in a return fixture) – and the association continue to look for partnerships along similar lines.

As well as raising standards in football it is hoped that commercial partnerships  between Dutch and Omani companies will be developed.  Oman Air, the Official Carrier of the Oman National Team will be working with the OFA to deliver value in Milan as part of the tip to Italy next month.

OFA Commercial Director, Nic Cartwright commented – “We were approached by Feyenoord to come and visit Oman.  Of course we are keen to meet with them, in recent times we have been visited by teams from England, Italy and Scotland, with further contact from teams in Portugal, Spain and Germany – and we will be building relationships with associations and clubs across the football landscape  to deliver value both for the Association and for the Sultanate.

“They will attend the Oman vs China friendly game on January 30th and spend time with senior staff from all areas within the Association.

“Our relationship with Lega Pro has started very well and our Olympic team will be spending 10 days in the beautiful city of Florence in February on a training camp at the Lega Pro facility there.  I have no doubt that a similar relationship in Holland will be possible.”

The Oman National Team take on China at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex on January 30th, Kick off 5.15pm (tickets available at the stadium on the day of the game).  This game is a warm up game for the big game vs Syria – February 6th, Kick off 5.15pm – Tickets available at all usual outlets across Oman.


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