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Stimulate continuous monitoring in personal and physical health

A SportBizz initiative

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A SportBizz initiative

Meet the SportBizz Value Chain


    • Business- and earning models
    • Identify growth opportunities
    • Proposition development
    • Sales & Marketing (business development)


    • Trade missions
    • Market entry strategy
    • (International) Partner search & selection
    • Subsidy scans and applications (pibs, dhk etc.)


    • Co- creation curriculum (sports & business, entrepeneurship)
    • Content development E-learning / blended learning
    • Proposition development
    • Sales & marketing


    • Business- and earning models
    • Customer search (e.g. launching customers)
    • Funding
    • Startup management

What people say about us

Innovation is in the DNA of SportBizz. Innovation in sports requires cooperation. SportBizz is in a unique way able to build bridges and develop successful business models. But innovation is not only in thinking but especially in doing. Within SportBizz you will find a nice balance between thinking and doing well adapted to the culture of InnosportNL.

With the team from SportBizz you will find a very contagious passion for entrepeneurship. In our joint project to structure a unique Executive Sports Management  MBA at MSM I have experienced myself the dedication, flexibility and world class network they bring to the table.

SportBizz was co-founder of Orange Sports Forum (OSF) and lead its first successful consortium to develop Indian Football. With that they have shown masters in complex international project management. This can only be done with perseverance and a good feeling for cross cultural differences.

With the services 0f Global Dressage Analytics the equestrian federation KNHS is able to provide both national coaches and top riders in with detailed information on the development of their dressage scores (and thus conduct an adequate international competition analysis). These analyses are of great importance in the global equestrian sport where small details make the difference in the medal race.

On the other hand we use Global Dressage Analytics to analyze the performance of our judges resulting in a rapid flow of high potentials and targeted retraining as a result.

About SportBizz

The international sports business agency SportBizz was founded in 2004 by Camil Smeulders and John van de Laar. Both hold an academic degree in business economics and have a combined experience in the international sports business of more than 30 years. Sport and business are in the DNA of SportBizz that is active in 4 lines of business connected to sports:

  • Innovation
  • Internationalization
  • Education
  • Ventures

SportBizz helps her clients to grow their existing business and discover, define and develop the business of tomorrow. Over years SportBizz has built an extensive board room level network in the international sports, public and business community. SportBizz amongst others is co-founder of Orange Sports Forum, the renown Global Champions Tour and the MsM Executive Sports Management MBA. Furthermore SportBizz (co-)owns and operates the World Dressage Masters and Global Dressage Analytics.

Latest developments

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