Project Biometric Sensor plus Data Platform for the Equestrian Industry

PALES aims to provide a comprehensive health-monitoring wearable device and insightful health analytics service for the equestrian market. PALES wearable devices for horses are non-intrusive and provides essential features such as:

  • Adverse event monitoring
  • Activity recognition and quantification
  • Exercise logging
  • Health parameter tracking

The PALES wearable device is complemented by a smartphone app that provides an intuitive interface to the end user to make the best use of the monitoring system.


PALES wearable device

Our system provides insightful data visualization for the end user to easily understand and make best use of the data at hand. The app would also suggest best practices to follow based on the data accumulated. The activity levels and health parameters mentioned above are actively tracked over extended periods and the data is stored in individualized cloud-based user accounts.

Active tracking would enable the horse-owner to better understand their ward’s needs and are especially effective in conditioning and training for competitions and monitoring its general well-being.

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Global Dressage Analytics

We are currently also exploring the possibility to pair the biometric data that is received by the PALES wearable device with our Global Dressage Analytics platform. This gives the end user insights into the performance of riders, horses and judges as well as being able to monitor the health of their horses. All in one platform.

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