The Netherlands is a small country with a great ambition that wants to belong to the global top 10 countries. Intelligent innovation and cooperation within the triangle sport, industry and knowledge is of great importance. From sportive gold to economical gold. SportBizz offers the following services:

  • organizing ideation sessions
  • use of acceleration rooms (pressure cookers)
  • perform market research / explorations
  • organizing shared expertise sessies
  • organizing customer journeys
  • discovering and validating of launching customers (customer discovery & validation)
  • designing a successful business model and revenue model with business model canvas
  • value proposition design
  • writing business plans
  • ensuring funding (bank, venture capital, crowd funding)
  • attracting venture capital
  • equipping a project office
  • project management
  • prototyping
  • select innovation clusters
  • subsidy scans and applications
  • produce and execute growth acceleration programmes


When you are innovative in a small market as the Netherlands, especially in the field op sport, it is easy to talk about the possibilities for your product or service abroad. Again the cooperation within the triangle sport, industry and knowledge is of great importance. SportBizz offers the following services:

  • market scans and market exploration
  • market research
  • defining a market entry strategie
  • (international) partner search and selection
  • subsidy scans and applications (pib, dhk, etc.)
  • forming export consortia


In exporting innovative products successfully, education is of eminent importance. Knowledge itself has become an export product for the Dutch industry, the knowledge institutions and sport. We often experience that a new way of looking at things is necessary. Why would I export knowledge, to whom and what is the economic benefit? Knowledge can be a new source of income or a catalyst for new business. SportBizz will be pleased to help marketing your knowledge or to add knowledge to new products and/or services to be used successfully in the Netherlands,  but also elsewhere:

  • (co-)creation curriculum (sport & business, entrepeneurship)
  • e-learning and blended learning solutions
  • (international) partner search and selection
  • design public-private partnerships
  • develop business and revenue models (business model canvas)
  • proposition development
  • develop marketing materials
  • development of social media campaigns
  • business development & sales

Business Ventures

Starting a new business or to develop a ‘new line of business’ with a company, knowledge or sproting environment needs knowledge and experience. SportBizz  will  be pleased to help you, in cooperation with our partner The Bridge Business Innovators to turn your new business into a success or to accelerate its growth:

  • advice & coaching startups
  • development of business and renevue models
  • development of a market proposition
  • developing pitches
  • designing marketing campaigns and materials
  • development and execution social media campaigns
  • (launching-) customer search & validation
  • funding
  • subsidy scans  and applications
  • (interim-) startup management
  • business development & sales traject
  • recording ip (in cooperation with partner)
  • guiding growth process