Cooperation Le Tremplin and SportBizz to create Dutch Sports Incubator

Picture left to right: John van de Laar (SportBizz / Orange Sports Forum), Ed Kronenburg (Ambassador of the Netherlands in France), Benjamin Carlier (Founder of Sports Incubator Le Tremplin), Hans Bluyssen (DSM) and Geert Ruigrok (Topsport Limburg).

In the prelude of the Dutch Royal visit and Economic Mission to France starting tomorrow March 10, SportBizz had the pleasure to sign a cooperation agreement with Europe’s first Sports Incubator Le Tremplin. Place of action, the Dutch Embassy in Paris. The signing session was witnessed by Dutch ambassador Ed Kronenburg who, together with Minister Macron and Minister Kamp kicked of the French-Dutch Economic Year during le Grand Départ in Utrecht last year. Mr. Kronenburg has a particular interest in sports as he is a fanatic runner and cyclist. He acknowledged the power of sport in economic diplomacy but also the economic value it has for both France and the Netherlands.

Le Tremplin was vreated in 2013/14 and is part of incubator umbrella Paris & Co. In 2015 Le Tremplin welcomed the first cohort of 17 start-ups. Currently the second cohort is recruited . In May/June 2016 e Tremplin will move fomr its current location to Stade Jean Bouin.

SportBizz, together with Topsport Limburg and DSM, is exploring the feasibility of starting an International Sports Incubator at Sportzone Limburg in Sittard.

The founder of Le Tremplin, Benjamin Carlier, will visit the Netherlands on April 11 to guest lecture on entrepeneurship at the Executive Sports Management MBA program of the International Business School Maastricht School of Management.