European Championships Equestrian Aachen 2015: Veni vidi vici the Dutch way

The impressive achievements of the Dutch Equestrian team at the recent Equestrian European Championships in Aachen demonstrated the importance of education, innovation and cooperation to be successful in sports. Understanding the importance of these three elements in sports and the sports industry, MSM and Sportbizz developed the Executive MBA in Sports Management.

The Orange squad scored a golden team medal for jumping, dressage and driving and Olympic gold medalist Jeroen Dubbeldam won the individual gold medal for jumping. Scoring this many medals is not a coincidence, the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS) has worked according to a long term strategic plan in which, training, coaching, horse management and the commitment of horse owners are key. Director for Topsport Mr. Maarten Van der Heijden is heading the Topsport department within the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation. ‘As a small country we have shown that by involving and committing all of our important stakeholders on long term we can beat any country. I am particularly proud on the fact that we have been able to build a true team spirit in an individual sport’.

Maarten van der Heijden is also responsible for all international affairs within the federation. ‘International development of our sport is very important and therefore we will always be open to help emerging countries with our know-how. We take education very serious. Education, innovation and cooperation are the cornerstones on which KNHS was built’.

Education, innovation and cooperation are also the keywords of the Executive MBA in Sports Management developed by MSM and Sportbizz. The program not only provides participants with a solid foundation and understanding of sport business, but emphasizes sport business as an international, multi-cultural business, characterized by innovation where modern management principles apply. The Executive MBA in Sports Management aspires to shape game-changing leaders that can think and act differently. The program also underlines the importance of teamwork and cooperation through group work and provides as such excellent opportunities to enhance intercultural communication skills, an invaluable asset for all leaders and managers.

The Executive MBA takes place in Maastricht located in the province of Limburg with close proximity to Belgium and Germany. This EU-region is known for its optimal training-conditions and excellent sport facilities for top sporters and has been host for major international sports events, like the recent 2015 Equestrian European Championships.

An impressive 370.000 visitors passed the gates of the legendary venue owned and run by the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein for these championships. The total budget for 2015 was set on 24 million euro of which 3 million was spent on prize money only. Nowhere in the world one will find a bigger show than this one. Aachen is considered the Wimbledon of the Equestrian sport. Every professional rider prides himself to have competed on these holy grounds. By winning the Grand Prix in Aachen you and your horse will become a living legend. The show is headed by its Dutch show director Frank Kemperman who spent most of his life in the Maastricht region. Aachen is only a few kilometers from the Dutch-German border. Both Germany and the Netherlands have a rich history in equestrian sport.